Hubzu is an online real estate auction website often used to sell homes of Ocwen customers. is the url for the auction site.Germantown MD Townhouses for sale

Germantown Townhouses for sale Living Room

Germantown Townhouses for sale Family Room

Germantown Townhouses for sale Deck

Hubzu has bank owned homes for sale, as well as short sale listings.


This home was sold on Hubzu for $100,000 less than list price on the multiple listing service.   We were directly involved in the sale.

There is a bit of strategy in getting the best possible home on Hubzu at the best price.

Research is always first!

Are you purchasing the home to occupy or as a rental?  If you are purchasing a home to occupy yourself, make a list of the most important points to you, such as commute to work, shopping and the rankings of schools.

How long are you going to live in the home?  Are you going to sell the home or rent it out when you move?  What do the resale and rental markets look like in your area?

Buying the homes for investment?  Are you going to flip or hold?  What are the resale and rental rates in your area?

** Whether you are buying to occupy or invest, you’ll need to know the resale and rental values in specific neighborhoods. **

The problem with some valuation sites, such as Zillow is that they don’t always provide as much information about property condition, as we may have available.

We provide real time rental and sales comps at no charge.  Email the neighborhood, property type, number of bedrooms and subject property address if known.  We’ll provide you information to help you make informed decisions.

Need to know which schools serve a particular neighborhood, we are happy to look it up for you.

Carolyn Thompson, is one of our experienced Hubzu agents.  She’s both listed and successfully won bids for clients on online auction sites, such as Hubzu.

Please email Carolyn Thompson directly, if you would like to discus her representing you for your online purchase.  There is no charge to the buyer.

Whether you are bidding on a home listed on Hubzu or any other property, talk to an agent who has experience with the process first.  Most agents are happy to educate you without any obligation on your part.

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