Conceirge Home Buyer Services

1). Our personal shoppers will work with you to develop a short list. 2). We do the shopping and provide detailed reports.

3). We set up showings on dates and tmes convenient to you. 4). We attend the home inspection and provide you with a complete report.

5). We negotiate inspection items & 6). Get you to closing with the least amount of effort on your part.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Condominium</span><br>
For Sale
Offering a wide range of condominums to buy: from studios to 4 bedrooms, here you will find the most sought after homes in the city.
Townhouse <br>
For sale
Bring your dream to life. Great location. City living local ammenities.
Water Front <br>
Water Front
For sale
Get away from it all and enjoy all nature has to provide.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Country home</span><br>
Country home
For Sale
We offer city, suburban and country homes for those who want to get away from it all. 
Tremendously talented realtor who worked tirelessly for us — we will recommend her to friends and families unhesitatingly. CT is a most experienced professional with a keen intellect in the home buying process. She helped us find the home we wanted quickly, and at a great value. On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the absolute very best,Carolyn is a 5++
Carolyn has helped me multiple times over the past 15 years, most recently with the sale of my investment property. She is wonderful to work with, always focusing on the best interest of her clients, regardless of how it affects her financially. I recommend her in a heartbeat!
Carolyn is one of the most tenacious and intelligent agents in the business. She is always looking out for her clients’ best interests and achieves great successes for them as a result. I have complete confidence in referring anyone to Carolyn for help in buying or selling a property.
Carolyn was one of the most professional and ethical Realtors I have worked with in this industry. I would recommend her to any buyer or seller as a high end consultant and with outstanding negotiation skills.
If there is a definition to the phrase "Being on top of it", then this agent is it. Carolyn was incredible to work with both professionally and as a person who understands the needs of people immediately. I highly recommend her and will certainly work with her in the future.
Carolyn is a real estate agent of the highest moral and ethical caliber. A true asset in today’s climate when so many others are not. Not only did my condo sell at a fair price but she made certain all of the paper work was done in a timely ethical manner. I would use her services again
One of the challenges of being a home inspector is being able to educate the buyer on the condition of the home without undue influence. Carolyn is one of those agents that allows us to do what we do best, educate the client. In the many inspections we have done for her clients, she is always putting her clients first. She has never allowed the results of the home…more
Carolyn is the best Realtor that I have ever worked with and I have known. She is detail oriented and provides excellent customer service. She should be cloned!
I can recommend Carolyn without hesitation. I have called on her many times to draw upon her knowledge an expertise in real estate. Over the years she’s become a reliable and trusted friend.

Home searching for yourself or investment - we have an agent for you.

­­­­                                                                             We do the real estate search and sale. 

Our values

 It's essential that each and every one of our clients is satisfied with the end result. 

We take ownership of the transaction and responsiblity of the outcome. 

  • Reliability - Our clients can rely on us without having to worry if every detail is being addressed. 
  • Communication is key. When we communicate exactly where we are in the transaction, our clients know what is transpiring and what to expect. 
  • Peace of mind. We instill peace of mind with our competance, which has come from many years of experience working on challenging cases.
  • Relax and leave the worrying to us.