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Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premium

1). Assess the replacement value assigned to your home and make sure it's reasonable.

2). Improve your credit score

3). Install smoke detectors and alarm systems. Some companies will provide a discount if you have a Ring, Arlo, or similar system

4). Replace the roof.  If your roof is old, you may be able to save up to $300 per year when you install a new roof.

5). Select a home that's not in a flood zone.  If you already own the home, verify with FEMA that it is actually in the flood zone.   Some homeowners have been told their homes are in flood zones when they are not. 

6).  Increase your deductible

7). Be selective about your pets.   Some insurance companies will charge more or refuse coverage if you have a dog that's classified as an aggressive breed. 

8). Purchase coverage early.  Some companies such as Travelers have stated that if you get an advanced quote from them, they provide an additional discount.

9). Limit your risk.  Think twice prior to placing a claim.  Your claim history will have an impact on how much you are charged for your premiums.

10). Shop for your insurance carrier.  Sometimes you can get a lower price with the same carrier through AAA or AARP.