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Top ten tips for Home buyers |Tips for real estate investors


Prior to submitting an offer on a home the buyer should do a thorough preliminary inspection.

  1. Assess the slope/ grading to ascertain the potential for current and future water intrusion.
  2. Check the roof for missing / loose shingles and wavy sheathing.
  3. Run the water to check pressure and look for leaks.  
  4. Turn on all lights and look for loose wires. 
  5. Pull the furnace filter out to see if it is changed regularly.   A dirty filter may indicate lack of care and will cause the system to work harder.  This will shorten the life of the system.
  6. Are the windows and doors in good condition? Do you see clouding in the windows, which indicates a broken seal?
  7. Are the floors in good condition?  Are they sloped or cracked? Sloped floors are an indication of significant settling. 
  8. Open and shut interior and exterior doors.   If there is resistance, it's likely that the door frames are not square. This is an indication of significant settling.
  9. Look for signs of moisture in ceilings, floors and the exterior walls on the inside of the home.
  10. Look for moss.  Moss is a sign of sitting water. Moss along the foundation will indicate that there is prolonged moisture and likely cracks in the foundation at this location.  

Whether you are a new home buyer or an experienced real estate investor, having a thorough home inspection is a prudent decision.