Selling Homes During Covid 19

Real estate investment properties are still being bought and sold during Coronavirus outbreak of spring 2020.
Video tours, virtual open houses and creative thinking make it possible to market and sell homes.

It's ideal to have a home to start with a home that is well maintained.
Many home sellers of occupied properties are electing for pre-inspections. This gives the occupant control over the timing in which the property is inspected. Some occupants elect to stay with family members during a home inspection. Have a maid clean the home thoroughly after the inspection and then wait an additional 24-48 hours.

Depending on the results of the inspection report, repairs can be addressed prior to re-entering the home. Home sellers with home warranties in place may opt to get many if not all of the maintenance concerns addressed with a home warranty. American Home Shield is likely to cover many maintenance issues for a single $75.00 service call. This is not an endorsement, simply an actual scenario for the property pictured above.

Often maintenance issues are not readily apparent to home sellers and occupants. Seldom is the seller aware of every issue sited on an inspection report. How often will a home seller inspect the crawl space or attic?

Selling homes during Covid 19 can certainly add a bit of anxiety if not properly planned and executed.

Selling homes during coronavirus is not an insurmountable task. Lean in and let Real Estate Search and Sale sell your home.
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